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Licens Open Source
Kategori Educational

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  • Easy to learn programming language
  • Visual drag and drop interface
  • Multiple commands and functions
  • Conversion of programs to other languages

Snap! is an educational drag-and-drop graphical programming language used to teach computer science to a wide range of ages. It was originally called Build Your Own Blocks (BYOB) and was inspired by Scratch, a similar program. Unlike BYOB, Snap! runs out of a web browser.

Instead of requiring you to write code for programs, Snap! provides a visual interface. You can create graphical elements called sprites and then program them to have different behaviors. To program your sprites all you have to do is drag blocks containing commands from a script tab and drop them on the target sprite. Commands include controlling motion, sounds, and appearance, as well as events, variables, and logical statements.

If you are interested in learning more about the concepts of computer programming or teaching these principles to others, Snap! is a great choice. It is especially useful for people who might find jumping right into code intimidating.

Updated: October 16, 2014

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.ypr – BYOB Project File

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.JAR Java Archive File
.SPRITE Scratch Sprite File
.SB2 Scratch 2.0 Project File
.YSP BYOB Sprite File
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.OGG Ogg Vorbis Audio File
.SB Scratch Project File
.SCRATCH Scratch Project File
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