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Apple QuickTime Player

(fra og med 2014-03-13)
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  • Provides a clean user interface with easy-to-use playback controls
  • Supports many video and audio formats
  • Delivers HD video with H.264 compression
  • Displays content from your desktop or on the web.

Apple QuickTime Player is a free media player that is bundled with Mac OS X and can be downloaded on the Windows platform. It supports various image, audio, and video formats.

In QuickTime Player, you’ll be able to play just about every media file you encounter, whether it’s audio, video, or even images. The player possesses H.264 video compression, which makes vibrant HD video possible. The player appearance is simple, displaying playback buttons and a volume slider. Some player options include different viewing sizes and A/V specs, such as bass, treble, brightness, and color.

For Apple users of QuickTime Player X or Windows users of QuickTime Pro, there are several advanced features. The application doesn’t just let you sit in the seats, it gives you several tools to create your own content. You can create your own movie recordings using your computer’s camera. You can record audio using your computer’s microphone or your own microphone. You can also make a screen recording of your own computer screen.

Whether you’re an Apple or Windows user, QuickTime Player is one of your best options for video playback. It supports an impressive amount of media files and has one of the best appearances of any available media player. The fact that it’s free seals the deal.

Updated: March 13, 2014

▶ Primær filudvidelse

.mov – Apple QuickTime Movie

▶ Andre filudvidelser brugt Apple QuickTime Player X

Understøttede filtyper
.3GP 3GPP Multimedia File
.3GA 3GPP Audio File
.3G2 3GPP2 Multimedia File
.AVI Audio Video Interleave File
.AC3 Audio Codec 3 File
.AMC AMC Video File
.AIFF Audio Interchange File Format
.AMR Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec File
.ALAC ALAC Encoded Audio File
.AIF Audio Interchange File Format
.AU Audio File
.CAF Core Audio File
.DIVX DivX-Encoded Movie File
.FLH FLIC Animation File
.FLV Flash Video File
.H264 H.264 Encoded Video File
.HDMOV QuickTime HD Movie File
.JPF JPEG 2000 Image
.MQV Sony Movie Format File
.M4P iTunes Music Store Audio File
.M4V iTunes Video File
.MPV2 MPEG-2 Video Stream
.M4A MPEG-4 Audio File
.MOOV Apple QuickTime Movie
.MPG2 MPEG-2 Video File
.MPG MPEG Video File
.MP4 MPEG-4 Video File
.OGG Ogg Vorbis Audio File
.QTM Apple QuickTime Movie File
.QIF QuickTime Image File
.SB Signed Byte Audio File
.SMF Standard MIDI File
.VID Generic Video File
.WMA Windows Media Audio File
.WAV WAVE Audio File
.WMV Windows Media Video File
Yderligere relaterede filformater
.3GP2 3GPP Multimedia File
.3GPP2 3GPP2 Multimedia File
.3GPP 3GPP Media File
.3P2 3GPP Multimedia File
.AL A-Law Compressed Sound Format
.AIFC Compressed Audio Interchange File
.AX DirectShow Filter
.ALAW A-Law Compressed Sound Format
.CAFF Core Audio File
.FLI FLIC Animation
.FLC FLIC Animation
.JPX JPEG 2000 Image File
.M4E MPEG-4 Video File
.OGA Ogg Vorbis Audio File
.OGX Ogg Vorbis Multiplexed Media File
.QDAT QuickTime Install Cache File
.QTR QuickTime Extension Resource
.QTL QuickTime Link File
.QTIF QuickTime Image File
.QTX QuickTime Extension
.QTP QuickTime Preferences File
.PLUGIN Mac OS X Plugin
.WMF Windows Metafile
.WAVE WAVE Sound File