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(fra og med 2017-09-25)
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  • Provides a simple, bare bones text editing interface
  • Opens any file that is stored in plain text
  • Detects textual encoding

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Main Features

Microsoft Notepad is a simple text editor included with Microsoft Windows. While the program is limited in features, it is still useful in various contexts for viewing and editing plain text files.

Because Notepad is a plain text editor, it only provides basic formatting features. You won’t get the same features that a word processor like Microsoft Word offers, such as graphics or page formatting support. However, you can still word wrap your text and choose the font, style, size, and script. Notepad supports different text encoding modes including Unicode, UTF-8, big-endian Unicode, and ANSI.

Nobody will try to boast about Notepad's text editing features. Yet, the program is still useful in many contexts, such as when taking notes, when viewing text files, and when making edits to source code files. For these reasons, Notepad is a popularly-used text editor.

Updated: September 25, 2017

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.txt – Plain Text File

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Understøttede filtyper
.CFG Configuration File
.CSS Cascading Style Sheet
.CONFIG Configuration File
.CSV Comma Separated Values File
.HTML Hypertext Markup Language File
.INF Setup Information File
.INI Windows Initialization File
.INFO Generic Information File
.JS JavaScript File
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.ATH Alienware AlienFX Theme File
.A8S Anim8or Script
.A Static Library
.ANS ANSI Text File
.AS ActionScript File
.ATT Web Form Post Data File
.ASA ASP Configuration File
.ASM Assembly Language Source Code File
.ARENA Quake 3 Engine Arena File
.AVS AviSynth Script File
.CONF Generic Configuration File
.CEL Celestia Script File
.CHART Guitar Rhythm Chart File
.CS C# Source Code File
.CELX Celestia Script
.CFG Cal3D Model Configuration File
.CFG Wesnoth Markup Language File
.CMD Windows Command File
.CU CUDA Source Code File
.CUS AutoCAD Custom Dictionary File
.CAMP WCS Color Appearance Model Profile File
.CSH C Shell Script
.CGI Common Gateway Interface Script
.DIF Data Interchange Format
.DBA DarkBASIC Source Code File
.GSD General Station Description File
.GM GameMonkey Script
.GSC Call of Duty Game Script
.FOUNTAIN Fountain Script File
.HPS HPL Script
.HTM Hypertext Markup Language File
.HAML Haml Source Code File
.JAVA Java Source Code File
.JRTF JAmes OS Rich Text File
.JAV Java Source File
.MARKDOWN Markdown Documentation File
.M Mercury Source Code File
.M MATLAB Source Code File
.ML ML Source Code File
.MXML Flex MXML Component
.MCMETA Minecraft Animation File
.MDBACKUP iPhone Data Backup File
.MDINFO iPhone Backup Information File
.MAP Quake Engine Map File
.MDL Warcraft 3 3D Model Text File
.MDOWN Markdown File
.OUT Output File
.OSU Osu! Script
.QC Half-Life Model Compiler Script
.QC QuakeC Source Code File
.PY Python Script
.PNPT Programmer's Notepad Project Template
.PAS Pascal Source File
.URL Internet Shortcut
.S Source Code File
.SRC Source Code
.XSD XML Schema Definition
.XQY XQuery Source File
.XQL XML Query Language File
.XSL XML Style Sheet
.WTX Text Document