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  • Reads and writes files in the default RTF format
  • Opens popular Text Document formats such as Open XML used by Microsoft Word
  • Supports graphics, video, and audio using the RTFD format

Apple TextEdit is an open source text editor bundled with Mac OS X. It is a simple program useful for reading and editing text documents.

TextEdit reads and writes .RTF files, which use the Rich Text Format. This format supports different text attributes, such as alignment, font, style, color, highlighting, and size. TextEdit allows you to insert graphic, video, and audio files into the document and converts the document format to RTFD (Rich Text Format with graphics) and the file extension to .RTFD. It is able to read and write different character encodings, such as Unicode (UTF-8 and UTF-16), Western (Mac OS Roman), and Traditional Chinese (Mac OS). TextEdit also opens popular text document formats, such as the Open XML format used by Microsoft Word and the OpenDocument Text format used by Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

Apple TextEdit is a handy text editor for any Mac user. It can open a wide variety of text document formats, including RTF and Open XML. While it may not look attractive, TextEdit is a good option for reading and editing text files.

Updated: March 24, 2014

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Understøttede filtyper
.CFG Configuration File
.CSS Cascading Style Sheet
.CONFIG Configuration File
.CSV Comma Separated Values File
.DOCX Microsoft Word Open XML Document
.DOC Microsoft Word Document
.HTML Hypertext Markup Language File
.INFO Generic Information File
.ODT OpenDocument Text Document
.RTFD Rich Text Format Directory File
.TXT Plain Text File
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.A Static Library
.AS ActionScript File
.AWK AWK Script
.ARENA Quake 3 Engine Arena File
.ERB Ruby ERB Script
.ERR Error Log File
.ENTITLEMENTS Mac App Sandboxing Entitlements File
.CONF Generic Configuration File
.CEL Celestia Script File
.COMMAND Terminal Command File
.CRASH Mac OS X Crash Log File
.CELX Celestia Script
.CFG Wesnoth Markup Language File
.DSC Text Description File
.DIZ Description in Zip File
.DTD Document Type Definition File
.GALAXY Blizzard Galaxy File
.HAML Haml Source Code File
.ICF Zoom Router Configuration File
.IQY Internet Query
.KDS KD Player Skin File
.JSON JavaScript Object Notation File
.JAV Java Source File
.MPS Mathematical Programming System File
.MAN Unix Manual
.MARKDN Markdown File
.ME Readme Text File
.MARKDOWN Markdown Documentation File
.M Mathematica Input File
.MXML Flex MXML Component
.MD Markdown Documentation File
.MDBACKUP iPhone Data Backup File
.MDINFO iPhone Backup Information File
.MNU TomTom Menu File
.MDL Warcraft 3 3D Model Text File
.MISSION Vega Strike Mission File
.MENU Quake 3 Engine Menu File
.OUT Output File
.OCR FAXGrapper Fax Text File
.NFO Warez Information File
.PP Pocket Physics Sketch File
.PYM PYM Macro Preprocessor File
.PHL Kindle Popular Highlights File
.RST reStructuredText File
.RPT Generic Report
.TRI Triangle Mesh File
.UTF8 Unicode UTF8-Encoded Text Document
.URL Internet Shortcut
.S2QH StarCraft 2 Localization Header File
.SMALI Android Smali Assembly Language File
.S2ML StarCraft 2 Map Localization File
.SSC Celestia Solar System Catalog File
.SHADER Quake 3 Engine Shader File
.STRINGS Text Strings File
.SRC Source Code
.SC2LOCALE Blizzard StarCraft 2 Localization File
.SOUNDS Quake 3 Engine Sound Definition File
.SCRIPTTERMINOLOGY AppleScript Script Terminology File
.SHTM HTML Server Side Include File
.S2QL StarCraft 2 Unit Localization File
.SYSTEM Vega Strike Virtual System File
.SCRIPTSUITE AppleScript Script Suite File
.SQL Structured Query Language Data File
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.WEBARCHIVE Safari Web Archive
.YML YAML Document