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CyberLink Media Suite

(fra og med 2016-10-03)
14 Ultimate
Licens Commercial
Kategori Video

Software Review


  • Play Blu-ray and DVD movies
  • Create, edit, and upload your own videos
  • Play, edit, and convert various audio file formats
  • Edit, view, and organize your photos
  • Backup your media files and burn them to discs
  • Design and print CD/DVD labels

CyberLink Media Suite is a multimedia software package for Windows. It is designed to create, play, burn, and convert video, photos, and audio.

The Media Suite includes a variety of applications that assist you in creating and enjoying various media. The suite even comes with several mobile apps to create and view your media on-the-go:

The suite is designed for novice and expert users that work with video and photos. It does come with some audio editing software but it does not stack up well with professional DAWs such as Avid Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, or Sternberg Cubase. The suite can handle many of the most popular media file formats, such as H.265, MOV, MP4, JPEG, and PNG formats, and gives you powerful tools to view, create, edit, and burn them. And with the included mobile apps, you get many of the same functions of the desktop programs on your mobile device. For Windows users looking for an all-in-one multimedia package, CyberLink Media Suite is a great solution.

Updated: October 3, 2016

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.BUP DVD IFO Backup File
.BDMV Blu-ray Disc Movie Information File
.BDM AVCHD Information File
.BMK PowerDVD MovieMark File
.BSF Blu-ray AVC Video File
.3FR Hasselblad 3F RAW Image
.3GPP 3GPP Media File
.3G2 3GPP2 Multimedia File
.AVI Audio Video Interleave File
.AC3 Audio Codec 3 File
.ASF Advanced Systems Format File
.AOB DVD-Audio Audio Object File
.EVO HD DVD Video File
.CLPI Blu-ray Clip Information File
.CPI AVCHD Video Clip Information File
.DNG Digital Negative Image File
.DAT VCD Video File
.DIVX DivX-Encoded Movie File
.DV Digital Video File
.H264 H.264 Encoded Video File
.IFO DVD-Video Disc Information File
.IDX Movie Subtitle File
.KMV Mobile DJ Video File
.JTS Cyberlink AVCHD Video File
.MDS Media Descriptor Sidecar File
.MPLS Blu-ray Movie Playlist File
.MOV Apple QuickTime Movie
.MPL AVCHD Playlist File
.MSE MediaShow Slideshow Project File
.MBP MediaShow Burning Project File
.MKV Matroska Video File
.MOD Camcorder Recorded Video File
.MTS AVCHD Video File
.MP4 MPEG-4 Video File
.MDF Media Disc Image File
.MK3D Matroska 3D Video File
.MP3 MP3 Audio File
.PBJ PowerBackup Job File
.PPP CyberLink PowerProducer Project
.PBA PowerBackup Archive
.PHD PhotoDirector Project File
.P2I Power2Go Disc Image
.RWL Leica RAW Image
.TRP HD Video Transport Stream
.TPD Cyberlink TOD Video File
.TOD JVC Everio Video Capture File
.TIVO TiVo Video File
.TP Beyond TV Transport Stream File
.SUB Subtitle File
.SRT SubRip Subtitle File
.SSA Sub Station Alpha Subtitle File
.SRW Samsung RAW Image
.SRF Sony RAW Image
.SR2 Sony RAW Image
.VC1 VC-1 Video File
.VRO DVD Video Recording Format
.VOB DVD Video Object File
.X3F SIGMA X3F Camera RAW File
.WTV Windows Recorded TV Show File
.WMV Windows Media Video File
.WVE WaveEditor Project File
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.DZP DirectorZone Particle Effect File
.DZM DirectorZone Menu Template
.DZT DirectorZone Title File
.MP4.INFOVID Parrot AR Drone and Gyro Flyer Video
.MPG MPEG Video File
.QT Apple QuickTime Movie
.QTM Apple QuickTime Movie File
.PDADJ PhotoDirector Preset File