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Software Review


  • Bundled with useful office productivity programs for free
  • Provides many of the same functions as Microsoft Office
  • Offers ompatibility with many different office-productivity files
  • Presents a clean user interface and easy to learn

Screenshot of LibreOffice 6.2

Main Features

LibreOffice is an open source office suite, similar to Microsoft Office (even the application icon colors match), that allows you to create various types of documents. LibreOffice possesses a clean, easy-to-use interface. It partially resembles Microsoft Office, so if you are jumping ship from Office you should have no problem adjusting.

LibreOffice consists of the following programs:

Once you begin creating a document you’ll find that each application in the suite offers familiar features to the corresponding Microsoft Office application. For example, Writer documents are a substitute for Word documents and provide many of the traditional styles and formatting options, such as fonts, text indentation, table insertion, and the format paintbrush. Calc, which is a substitute for Excel, features a similar spreadsheet to Excel but is noticeably missing the macro functionality.

Impress is LibreOffice’s answer to PowerPoint and is great for creating basic slide presentations. Draw is comparable to Microsoft Visio and Publisher and is a good option for creating diagrams, even presentations. Base is similar to Microsoft Access, with similar features, such as reports, SQL, and forms. And finally, LibreOffice’s Math application is a useful tool for creating formulas and incorporating them into other LibreOffice suite documents created by Writer and Calc.

While it doesn’t offer all of the same functions, LibreOffice is an attractive alternative to Microsoft Office. It’s compatible with a large variety of office productivity formats, including Microsoft Office files, such as .DOCX and .XLSX. If you’re looking for a cheap (it’s free) office suite solution, LibreOffice is a great option.

Updated: May 1, 2019

▶ Primær filudvidelse

.odt – OpenDocument Text Document

▶ Andre filudvidelser brugt LibreOffice 6

Understøttede filtyper
.CSV Comma Separated Values File
.DB Database File
.DOTX Word Open XML Document Template
.DOCX Microsoft Word Open XML Document
.DOC Microsoft Word Document
.FODS OpenDocument Flat XML Spreadsheet
.FODT OpenDocument Flat XML Document
.FODP OpenDocument Flat XML Presentation
.ODB OpenDocument Database
.OTP OpenDocument Presentation Template
.OXT Apache OpenOffice Extension
.ODM OpenDocument Master Document
.OTS OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template
.ODS OpenDocument Spreadsheet
.ODP OpenDocument Presentation
.ODF OpenDocument Formula
.OTT OpenDocument Document Template
.ODG OpenDocument Graphic File
.OTG OpenDocument Graphic Template
.PSW Pocket Word Document
.UOP Uniform Office Presentation
.UOS Uniform Office Spreadsheet
.UOF Uniform Office Document
.UOT Uniform Office Document
.SXC StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet
.STW StarOffice Document Template
.SXI StarOffice Impress Presentation
.STD Apache OpenOffice Drawing Template
.SDW StarOffice Writer Text Document
.SXM StarMath Formula
.STC StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet Template
.SMF StarMath Formula File
.SXG Apache OpenOffice Master Document
.SDD StarOffice Presentation
.SDA StarOffice Drawing
.SDC Apache OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet
.SLK Symbolic Link File
.STI StarOffice Presentation Template
.SXW StarOffice Writer Document
.SDP StarOffice Presentation File
.VSD Visio Drawing File
.VSDX Visio Drawing
.XLSX Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
.XLS Excel Spreadsheet
.WDB Microsoft Works Database
.WRI Microsoft Write Document
.WPS Microsoft Works Word Processor Document
Yderligere relaterede filformater
.DIC Dictionary File
.MAB Mozilla Address Book
.TXTRPT CommScope Teletilt Control System Report
.TSV Tab Separated Values File