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Microsoft Visual Studio

(fra og med 2018-10-23)
Licens Commercial
Kategori Programming

Software Review


  • Software editing, building, debugging, and unit testing tools
  • Support for C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, F#, SQL, CSS, JavaScript, and other languages
  • Program deployment to Windows, web, cloud, and SharePoint platforms
  • Live Unit Testing, Run to Click and Exception Helpers debugging and testing tools
  • Direct management of team projects hosted on providers such as GitHub and Team Foundation Server
  • Customizable environment

Visual Studio is a software development tool used for creating Windows programs and web applications. The development kit includes an integrated development environment (IDE) and testing tools for all stages of the software development process.

Visual Studio includes the following components:

The Visual Studio IDE includes multiple built-in perspectives for accomplishing different tasks. Unique interfaces are provided for source code programming, debugging, and creating visual forms. Developers can use one of these pre-built layouts or customize their own perspectives. The Visual Studio software package contains Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C#, Visual F#, Visual web Developer, and Team Foundation Server. The software supports a wide variety of programming languages, including C, C++, VB.NET, C#, F#, XML, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Microsoft Visual Studio provides developers with a customizable IDE and supports a wide array of popular programming languages. It is a good tool for professional software developers looking to create commercial software programs. Microsoft Visual Studio is also useful for web developers who want to create dynamic websites and interactive web applications for the .NET framework.

Updated: October 23, 2018

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.sln – Visual Studio Solution File

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Understøttede filtyper
.BSC Visual Studio Source Browser Information File
.APPXUPLOAD Windows 8 App Upload Package
.APPX Windows 8 App Package
.ASPX Active Server Page Extended File
.ASAX ASP.NET Server Application File
.ASHX ASP.NET Web Handler File
.AXD ASP.NET Web Handler File
.ASP Active Server Page
.ADDIN Visual Studio Add-in Definition File
.ASMX ASP.NET Web Service File
.ASCX ASP.NET User Control File
.APPXSYM Windows 8 App Package Symbols File
.ASM Visual Studio Assembler Source Code File
.EDMX ADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer File
.CD Visual Studio Class Diagram
.CC C++ Source Code File
.COD Compiled Source Code
.CS C# Source Code File
.C C/C++ Source Code File
.CSS Cascading Style Sheet
.CONFIG Configuration File
.CLW Visual C++ ClassWizard File
.CXX C++ Source Code File
.CPP C++ Source Code File
.CSX Visual C# Script
.CSPROJ Visual Studio C# Project
.CSHTML ASP.NET Razor Web Page
.DEF Module-Definition File
.DISCOMAP DISCO Discovery Output File
.DIAGSESSION Diagnostics Session File
.DIB Device Independent Bitmap File
.DGML Visual Studio Directed Graph Document
.DGSL Visual Shader Graph File
.DBPROJ Visual Studio Database Project File
.DBML Visual Studio OR Design File
.DTD Document Type Definition File
.DISCO DISCO Discovery Document
.FEATURE SharePoint Feature File
.FS Visual F# Source File
.FSSCRIPT Visual F# Script
.FSPROJ Visual F# Project File
.FSI Visual F# Signature File
.FILTERS Visual C++ Project Filters File
.FSX Visual F# Script File
.HXX C++ Source Code Header File
.H C/C++/Objective-C Header File
.HTM Hypertext Markup Language File
.HH C++ Header File
.HTML Hypertext Markup Language File
.HPP C++ Header File
.HLSL High Level Shader Language File
.IDB Visual Studio Intermediate Debug File
.IPCH Intellisense Precompiled Header File
.INL C++ Inline File
.IDL Interface Definition Language File
.INC Include File
.JS JavaScript File
.MDMP Windows Minidump
.MYAPP Visual Studio Application XML File
.MSHA Microsoft Help Asset File
.MDF SQL Server Database File
.MFCRIBBON-MS MFC Ribbon Definition XML File
.MSHI Microsoft Help Index File
.ODL Object Description Language File
.ORDEREDTEST Visual Studio Ordered Test File
.NUPKG NuGet Package
.NCB Visual C++ IntelliSense Database
.RESW Windows Resources File
.TESTSETTINGS Visual Studio Test Settings File
.TT Visual Studio Text Template
.TARGETS MSBuild Targets File
.TRX Visual Studio Test Results File
.TLH Typelib Generated C/C++ Header File
.TESTRUNCONFIG Visual Studio Test Run Configuration File
.TLI Typelib Generated C/C++ Inline File
.USER Visual Studio Project User Options File
.SSC SourceSafe Status File
.SBR Visual Studio Source Browser Intermediate File
.SETTINGS Visual Studio Settings File
.SUO Visual Studio Solution User Options File
.SQLPROJ Visual Studio SQL Server Project
.SQL Structured Query Language Data File
.SDF SQL Server Compact Database File
.SVC WCF Web Service File
.SNIPPET Visual Studio IntelliSense Code Snippet
.SRF Server Response File
.SDL Service Description Language File
.VDPROJ Visual Studio Setup and Deployment Project
.VSPROPS Visual Studio Project Property File
.VSI Visual Studio Content Installer File
.VBHTML ASP.NET Razor Web Page
.VSMDI Visual Studio Test Metadata File
.VSHOST.EXE Visual Studio Hosting Process File
.VSP Visual Studio Performance Report File
.VSMPROJ Visual Studio Text Macro Project
.VSDISCO DISCO Dynamic Discovery Document
.VDP Visual Studio Deployment Project
.VSPS Visual Studio Serialized Performance Report
.VSSETTINGS Visual Studio Settings File
.VSCONTENT Visual Studio Content File
.VSMACROS Visual Studio Binary Macro Project
.VSIX Visual Studio Extension
.VBPROJ Visual Studio Visual Basic Project
.VCXPROJ Visual C++ Project
.VBSCRIPT Visual Basic Script
.VSZ Visual Studio Wizard File
.VCW eMbedded Visual C++ Workspace File
.VCP eMbedded Visual C++ Project File
.VSPF Visual Studio Performance Filter File
.VSSSCC Visual Studio Solution Source Control File
.VSPSCC Visual Studio Project Source Control File
.VB Visual Basic Project Item File
.VSPX Visual Studio Performance Report Data File
.VCPROJ Visual C++ Project File
.XSD XML Schema Definition
.XAMLX Visual Studio Workflow Service File
.XSL XML Style Sheet
.XHTML Extensible Hypertext Markup Language File
.XSC Visual Studio Dataset Internal Info File
.XSS XML Style Sheet
.XSLT XSL Transformation File
.WIQ Visual Studio Work Item Query File
.WID Visual Studio Widget File
.WSF Windows Script File
.WSDL Web Services Description Language File
.WEBTEST Visual Studio Web Test File
.WSP SharePoint Solution Package
.W32 Win32 Makefile
Yderligere relaterede filformater
.AVI Audio Video Interleave File
.AIFF Audio Interchange File Format
.ACCDB Access 2007 Database File
.APPLICATION ClickOnce Deployment Manifest File
.APPREF-MS Microsoft Application Reference File
.AIF Audio Interchange File Format
.AU Audio File
.EPS Encapsulated PostScript File
.EXE Windows Executable File
.CLS Program Class File
.COVERAGE Visual Studio Code Coverage Report
.DLX Renamed DLL File
.DSW Visual C++ 6 Workspace File
.DMP Windows Memory Dump
.DLL Dynamic Link Library
.DSP Visual C++ 6 Project
.GIF Graphical Interchange Format File
.GENERICTEST Visual Studio Generic Test File
.HDMP Windows Heap Dump
.ILK Incremental Linking File
.IPP Inline Guard Macro File
.MDB Microsoft Access Database
.MSM Windows Installer Merge Module
.MOV Apple QuickTime Movie
.MDP Visual C++ 5 Workspace File
.MPG MPEG Video File
.MPE MPEG Movie File
.OCX ActiveX Control
.OLB OLE Object Library
.QT Apple QuickTime Movie
.PDB Program Database
.PCX Paintbrush Bitmap Image File
.PRI Package Resource Index File
.RPT Crystal Reports File
.TGA Targa Graphic
.TXT Plain Text File
.TIF Tagged Image File
.TLB OLE Type Library
.SRC Source Code
.SVN-BASE Subversion Base File
.WMF Windows Metafile
.WAV WAVE Audio File