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(fra og med 2018-09-25)
Licens Commercial
Kategori Programming

Software Review


  • Supports all major programming languages
  • Allows editor extensions through Bundles
  • Can record macros to help automate tedious work
  • Includes features such as as source code folding and global project find and replace

MacroMates TextMate is a robust text editor that enables various tasks, such as source code editing, writing screenplays, running SQL queries, and creating blog entries. The program supports all major programming languages and runs on the Mac platform. As of version 2, MacroMates has made the TextMate source code available to developers who want to make custom modifications to the editor.

TextMate allows you to use commands, macros, templates, and snippets to help organize and create source code. TextMate offers a find and replace feature that quickly finds and replaces text with several filter options. The text editor features the ability to highlight and edit multiple blocks of code by using additional cursors. TextMate also offers clever completion, which predicts what you’re going to type to help you code more quickly.

TextMate allows you to extend the editor with Bundles. With Bundles, you can add language grammars, as well as combine macros, code snippets, commands, templates, and other shortcuts into a Bundle for the editor. Each Bundle offers hotkeys that can be triggered for insertion into your code, which helps you develop source code more efficiently. You can create your own custom bundles depending on your development needs.

MacroMates TextMate is a valuable tool for any developer. It supports all major programming languages, key code shortcuts, and Bundles for extending the editor. Any Mac designer or developer working in code should give this editor a shot.

Updated: September 25, 2018

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.tmproject – TextMate Project

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Understøttede filtyper
.BASHRC Bash Non-Interactive Login Shell File
.BASH_PROFILE Bash Interactive Login Shell File
.BIB BibTeX Bibliography Database
.AS ActionScript File
.ADB Ada Body File
.ASM Assembly Language Source Code File
.ERL Erlang Source Code File
.CONF Unix Configuration File
.C C/C++ Source Code File
.CFG Configuration File
.CFG Wesnoth Markup Language File
.CONFIG Configuration File
.CPP C++ Source Code File
.CGI Common Gateway Interface Script
.DBM ColdFusion Server File
.D D Source Code File
.DTD Document Type Definition File
.GO Go Source Code File
.GROOVY Groovy Source Code File
.F Fortran Source Code
.H C/C++/Objective-C Header File
.HH C++ Header File
.HS Haskell Script
.INC Include File
.JS JavaScript File
.JAVA Java Source Code File
.MARKDOWN Markdown Documentation File
.M Objective-C Implementation File
.ML ML Source Code File
.MD Markdown Documentation File
.M4 Macro Processor Library
.PROFILE Bash Shell Profile
.PY Python Script
.P Pascal Source Code
.PM Perl Module
.PCH Precompiled Header File
.PAS Pascal Source File
.RST reStructuredText File
.RJS Ruby Javascript File
.RBW Ruby Script
.R Rez Source Code File
.TLD Tag Library Descriptor File
.TCL Tcl Script
.TMBUNDLE TextMate Bundle File
.TMLANGUAGE TextMate Language Grammar File
.TMPROJ TextMate Project File
.TXT Plain Text File
.TMTHEME TextMate Theme File
.TSV Tab Separated Values File
.STY LaTeX Style
.S Source Code File
.STRINGS Text Strings File
.SRC Source Code
.SQL Structured Query Language Data File
.SCPT AppleScript Script File
.XQ XQuery File
.XQL XML Query Language File
.XQUERY XQuery Source Code File
.XQM XQuery Module
.XSLT XSL Transformation File
.YML YAML Document
Yderligere relaterede filformater
.ADS Ada Specification File
.ASHX ASP.NET Web Handler File
.ASCX ASP.NET User Control File
.ASA ASP Configuration File
.CONF Generic Configuration File
.DWT Dreamweaver Web Page Template
.DIST Mac OS X Distribution Script
.GVY Groovy Source Code File
.F90 Fortran 90 Source Code File
.FPP Fortran Source Code
.FOR Fortran 77 Source File
.HXX C++ Source Code Header File
.HTC HTML Component File
.HRL Erlang Header File
.HPP C++ Header File
.INF Setup Information File
.INFO Generic Information File
.JSP Java Server Page
.MARKDN Markdown File
.MD Machine Description File
.MDOWN Markdown File
.NFO Warez Information File
.PHP3 PHP 3 Web Page
.PHP4 PHP 4 Web Page
.RPY Python Script
.TPL Phorum Template
.SCRIPTTERMINOLOGY AppleScript Script Terminology File
.SLST Game Data File
.XQY XQuery Source File
.XSL XML Style Sheet
.YAML YAML Document