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VideoLAN VLC media player

(fra og med 2019-01-28)
Licens Open Source
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Software Review


  • Supports a large number of audio and video formats
  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • Converts media files to a variety of audio and video formats
  • Provides a simple user interface

Screenshot of VideoLAN VLC media player 2.2.6

Main Features

VideoLAN VLC media player is a popular, open source media player that runs on the Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms. It can play a large array of media formats, including files stored on discs, audio and video files downloaded from the Internet, and streaming media.

VLC media player’s main function is playing video and audio files. It can read a large number of popular video and audio formats, such as MPEG, MP4, MOV, WMV, H.263, WAV, FLV, and AVI. The player can also convert media into many of the same formats that it is able to read, including the MPEG, ASF, AAC, and MP3 formats.

You can play and organize your video, audio, or image files by dragging and dropping them into the application. Once imported, you can create playlists to categorize your media content. You can also subscribe to podcasts and stream music through the application.

VideoLAN VLC media player is a great solution for home users that want to play their favorite media files. While it may not offer as many features as NullSoft Winamp, Apple iTunes, or Microsoft Windows Media Player, it can recognize and open more formats. For that reason alone, it is worth installing VideoLAN VLC media player on your computer.

Updated: January 28, 2019

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.vlc – VLC Playlist

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Understøttede filtyper
.BIK Bink Video File
.3GP 3GPP Multimedia File
.3GA 3GPP Audio File
.3G2 3GPP2 Multimedia File
.AVCHD High Definition Video File
.AVI Audio Video Interleave File
.ADT ADTS Audio File
.AAC Advanced Audio Coding File
.ANX Annodex Exchange Format File
.GXF General eXchange Format File
.F4V Flash MP4 Video File
.FLV Flash Video File
.H264 H.264 Encoded Video File
.HDMOV QuickTime HD Movie File
.ISO Disc Image File
.M2V MPEG-2 Video
.M4V iTunes Video File
.MPEG4 MPEG-4 File
.M4B MPEG-4 Audio Book File
.M1V MPEG-1 Video File
.MOV Apple QuickTime Movie
.M4A MPEG-4 Audio File
.MPV MPEG Elementary Stream Video File
.MPG2 MPEG-2 Video File
.MKA Matroska Audio File
.MKS Matroska Elementary Stream File
.MTS AVCHD Video File
.MP4 MPEG-4 Video File
.MP3 MP3 Audio File
.MPEG1 MPEG-1 Video File
.OPUS Opus Audio File
.OGV Ogg Video File
.OGG Ogg Vorbis Audio File
.OMA Sony OpenMG Music File
.NSV Nullsoft Streaming Video File
.NUV NuppelVideo File
.RM RealMedia File
.TRP HD Video Transport Stream
.TTA True Audio File
.TOD JVC Everio Video Capture File
.TS Video Transport Stream File
.SVI Samsung Video File
.SPX Ogg Vorbis Speex File
.VQF TwinVQ Audio File
.VP6 TrueMotion VP6 Video File
.VOC Creative Labs Audio File
.VRO DVD Video Recording Format
.VLT VLC Media Player Skin File
.XESC Expression Encoder Screen Capture File
.WAV WAVE Audio File
.WEBM WebM Video File
.WV WavPack Audio File
.ZAB Zipped Audio Book
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.669 UNIS Composer 669 Module
.3GPP 3GPP Media File
.3P2 3GPP Multimedia File
.AOB DVD-Audio Audio Object File
.A52 Dolby Digital Audio File
.CDA CD Audio Track Shortcut
.CDG Compact Disc Plus Graphics Image
.CUE Cue Sheet File
.IFO DVD-Video Disc Information File
.MPLS Blu-ray Movie Playlist File
.MP2 MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio File
.MP4.INFOVID Parrot AR Drone and Gyro Flyer Video
.MP1 MPEG-1 Layer 1 Audio File
.MPSUB MPlayer Subtitles File
.MPL MPL2 Subtitles File
.MP2V MPEG-2 Video File
.MPA MPEG-2 Audio File
.MXF Material Exchange Format File
.MT2S MPEG-2 Transport Stream File
.OGA Ogg Vorbis Audio File
.OGX Ogg Vorbis Multiplexed Media File
.OGM Ogg Media File
.PLS Audio Playlist
.PJS Phoenix Subtitles File
.RMVB RealMedia Variable Bit Rate File
.RMJ Real Media Jukebox Audio File
.TAK Tom's Lossless Audio Kompressor File
.USF Universal Subtitles Format File
.SRT SubRip Subtitle File
.S3M ScreamTracker 3 Module
.S3Z Compressed Scream Tracker 3 Module
.SMI SAMI Subtitles File
.VOB DVD Video Object File
.XSPF XSPF Playlist File
.XM Fasttracker 2 Extended Module
.XA The Sims Audio File
.WAX Windows Media Audio Redirect