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(fra og med 2018-12-18)
CC 2019
Licens Commercial
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Software Review


  • Flexible and customizable work environment
  • Nondestructive, layer-based editing
  • Professional color correction and tone control
  • Advanced video, 3D model, and motion editing tools
  • Automates production through event-based or batch scripts
  • Symmetry mode for applying perfectly symmetrical brush strokes
  • Live blend mode previews
  • Faster and more streamlined "Export As" menu
  • Supports free and commercial plugins

Screenshot of Adobe Photoshop CC 2019

Main Features

Adobe Photoshop is an industry standard image editing program used to edit graphics and digital photos. It is primarily a pixel-based, raster graphics editor, but also supports basic vector-based editing. The program includes standard drawing and selection tools and has several unique features that make it stand out among other image editors.

Photoshop can import and export a wide variety of image formats, but it saves images in the Photoshop Document (.PSD) format by default. The PSD format supports layers, which are isolated groupings of graphics that can be edited independently. Layers may be visible or hidden and can also have a custom opacity setting. You can also create adjustment layers, which apply nondestructive adjustments to one or more layers at a time.

If you are just beginning to use Photoshop, the application may look daunting with its large amount of tools but the home screen allows for quick and easy access to tutorials and templates to help you get started. As you become more familiar with the user interface and adjust it to your work style, Photoshop saves your preferences to keep the layout familiar.

Some of Photoshop's more advanced and unique features include the Patch tool, which automatically removes blemishes, and the Content-Aware tool, which removes unwanted objects and matches the background with the surrounding area. If you want to adjust the colors of an image, you can use the Levels, Curves, or Color Balance controls to manually adjust them. If you want a faster way to perform color correction, the Auto Color and Auto Levels functions automatically enhance images with a single click. While Photoshop includes many powerful built-in features, you can add even more capabilities to the program by installing plug-ins.

Photoshop is the image editor of choice among professionals, including photographers, graphic designers, and web developers. Its intuitive interface and wide range of features make Adobe Photoshop the best image editing program available.

Updated: December 18, 2018

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.psd – Adobe Photoshop Document

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Understøttede filtyper
.BMP Bitmap Image File
.AHS Adobe Halftone Screen File
.ACV Photoshop Curves File
.AXT Adobe Photoshop Extract File
.AST Adobe Color Separations Table
.ABR Adobe Photoshop Brushes File
.ACO Adobe Photoshop Color Swatch File
.AMS Adobe Monitor Setup File
.ATF Photoshop Transfer Function File
.ACT Adobe Color Table File
.ACB Adobe Photoshop Color Book File
.ARW Sony Digital Camera Image
.ALV Adobe Photoshop Levels File
.ASV Adobe Photoshop Selective Color File
.AI Adobe Illustrator File
.ADO Adobe Photoshop Duotone Options File
.AMP Adobe Photoshop Curves Map File
.ATN Photoshop Actions File
.API Adobe Photoshop Inks File
.AHU Adobe Photoshop HSL File
.AVS Adobe Photoshop Variations File
.ASR Adobe Photoshop Scratch File
.ASL Photoshop Style
.ACF Adobe Photoshop Custom Filter File
.EPS Encapsulated PostScript File
.EPR Photoshop AME Preset File
.EXR OpenEXR Image
.EAP Adobe Photoshop Exposure File
.CSF Adobe Color Settings File
.CIN Kodak Cineon Bitmap File
.CHA Photoshop Channel Mixture
.CR2 Canon Raw Image File
.CRW Canon Raw CIFF Image File
.CSH Photoshop Custom Shapes File
.DPX Digital Picture Exchange File
.DNG Digital Negative Image File
.DCP Adobe DNG Camera Profile
.DCS Desktop Color Separation File
.DIB Device Independent Bitmap File
.GRD Photoshop Gradient File
.GIF Graphical Interchange Format File
.FFO Adobe Photoshop File Information File
.FXG Flash XML Graphics File
.HEIC High Efficiency Image Format
.HDR High Dynamic Range Image File
.HDT Photoshop HDR Toning Preset File
.IIQ Phase One RAW Image
.ICC ICC Profile
.IRS Adobe Save For Web Settings
.ICM Image Color Matching Profile
.IMG GEM Image
.IROS Adobe Save For Web Settings File
.ICO Icon File
.KYS Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts File
.KDC Kodak Photo-Enhancer File
.KMZ Google Earth Placemark File
.JP2 JPEG 2000 Core Image File
.J2C JPEG 2000 Code Stream
.JPS Stereo JPEG Image
.MTL OBJ Material File
.MOS Leaf Camera RAW File
.MNU Adobe Photoshop Menu Customization File
.MD0 Adobe Photoshop Metadata Cache File
.MRW Minolta Raw Image File
.ORF Olympus RAW File
.NEF Nikon Electronic Format RAW Image
.PLUGIN Adobe Photoshop Plug-in
.PSP Photoshop Preferences File
.PCT Picture File
.PCX Paintbrush Bitmap Image File
.PICT Picture File
.PXR Pixar Image File
.PMG Adobe Photoshop Photomerge Panoramic Composition File
.PSF Photoshop Proof Settings File
.P3L Adobe Photoshop Light Preset File
.PBM Portable Bitmap Image
.RAW Raw Image Data File
.TB0 Adobe Photoshop Thumbnail Cache File
.TGA Targa Graphic
.TPL Adobe Photoshop Tool Presets File
.TIF Tagged Image File
.U3D Universal 3D File
.SHH Adobe Photoshop Shadow/Highlight Settings file
.SHC Adobe Photoshop Contours File
.STA Adobe Photoshop Match Color Image Statistics File
.SCT Scitex Continuous Tone File
.SRF Sony RAW Image
.X3F SIGMA X3F Camera RAW File
.WBMP Wireless Bitmap Image File
.ZVT Photoshop Zoomify Preset File
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.BLZ Compressed Bitmap Image
.BCP BlackMagic Custom Palette
.8BC Photoshop 5.0 Plug-in
.8BF Photoshop Filter Plug-in
.8BI8 Photoshop Plug-in
.8BS Photoshop 5.0 Selection Plug-in
.8BI Photoshop Plug-in
.8BX PhotoDeluxe Plug-in
.8BY PhotoDeluxe Plug-in
.8BA Photoshop Plug-in
.8BL Photoshop Plug-in
.8PBS Adobe Photoshop Macintosh File
.8LI Photoshop Scripting Plug-in
.AVI Audio Video Interleave File
.AFX Auto FX PhotoGraphic Edges Image
.EXIF Exchangeable Image Information File
.EPSF Encapsulated PostScript Format File
.CAL CALS Raster Graphic
.CT Scitex Continuous Tone File
.CALS CALS Raster Graphic File
.DDS DirectDraw Surface
.DCR Kodak RAW Image File
.DS TWAIN Data Source
.DCX Zsoft Multi-Page Paintbrush File
.FLV Flash Video File
.FIF Fractal Image File
.HEIF High Efficiency Image Format
.HDP HD Photo File
.ICN Windows Icon File
.ICON Icon Image File
.ICB Targa ICB Bitmap Image
.KODAK Kodak Photo CD File
.KDK Kodak Proprietary Decimated TIFF File
.J2K JPEG 2000 Image
.JPC JPEG 2000 Code Stream File
.JIF JPEG Image File
.JPF JPEG 2000 Image
.JIFF JPEG Image File Format
.JPX JPEG 2000 Image File
.MOV Apple QuickTime Movie
.MPG MPEG Video File
.MP4 MPEG-4 Video File
.NCR NCR Image
.Q9R Glitterato Photoshop Plug-In
.Q5R Melancholytron Photoshop Plug-in
.Q8R Flood Photoshop Plug-in
.Q9S Mr. Contrast Photoshop Plug-In
.Q1Q LunarCell Photoshop Plug-in
.Q4Q Solar Cell Photoshop Plug-in
.Q7Q India Ink Photoshop Plug-in
.Q2Q Flexify Photoshop Plug-in
.PVR POWERVR Texture File
.RSR Poser Model Preview File
.TIFF Tagged Image File Format
.TRIF Tiled Raster Interchange Format
.SA9 Hue and Cry Photoshop Plug-in
.VST Targa Bitmap Image
.VDA Targa Bitmap Image File
.VPH VirtualPhotographer Custom Settings
.WDP Windows Media Photo File
.WMP Windows Media Photo File